Nancy Herndon of Herndon Hills Farm talks about using EcoBlend on her Pick-Your-Own-Blueberry Field

“The weeds come up all year around. We do have to address that. I do pull them by hand, we do mow close, we do weed eat, but there are still weeds, especially in the summer when we are irrigating. Look at the size of this field, many, many acres; without EcoBlend there is no way we would be able to pull by hand every weed out here.”

“Without EcoBlend, we would not be able to grow this crop organically.”

Grounds Manager, Camille Armantrout, speaks about using EcoBlend for landscape management

“Ecoblend is my right-hand man as manager of a small eco-industrial park. Because we believe in reducing toxins in the environment, are home to an organic farm, bee hives, wine tastings, and events we refuse to use glyphosate. Fortunately, HOMS’ Ecoblend product has proven effective. After only three applications, a prodigious crop of tree-climbing poison ivy was brought to its knees. Please see photo for poison ivy devastation 18 days after first spraying. The same fate awaited the ivy along our 3/4 mile walking trail, and the honeysuckle and poison ivy on our fence lines.

Even more impressive, we killed a large swath of unwanted scrub pine along the park entrance with only one application! Those pines are slowly going to ground and will naturally decompose to add nutrients to our soil. Our bees are happy, our guests are impressed, and our farm thrives. 


Smother the leaves and the roots give up. No need to pour poisons into the earth. I could not keep our eco-industrial park pretty without this essential tool.”

Marty Hanks of Just Bee Apiary speaks about the use of EcoBlend for landscaping in proximity to his beehives.

"What we need is a safer environment for the bees! EcoBlend helps to create a safer bee-friendly habitat."