About Us



EcoBlend is an agricultural product line that controls vegetation and recycles weeds and woody stem plants using certified organic vegetable oils, while at the same time serving as a habitat builder for beneficial microorganisms and pollinators.

EcoBlend is owned by HOMS LLC, a manufacturer of effective natural-based pest control products, located in NC, USA. HOMS offers safe and effective alternatives to toxic chemical-based herbicides and pesticides.

Ingredients used in EcoBlend are sourced largely from farms located in the Southeastern United States. The main actives in EcoBlend products are vegetable oils that are food grade, organic and GMO-free and all natural. The patented fatty acid profile of the vegetable oils, made effective through the patented formulation, controls and recycles weeds and unwanted vegetation with the efficacy of conventional products, but without systemic poisons. Ecoblend recycles vegetable oils from the farm back to the land, using nature to balance nature.

Beneficial for the Environment

  • Biodegradable, providing beneficial ground nutrients to the soil
  • Natural formula, No poisons, No reuse restrictions
  • No toxic residue for water, farms, residential areas
  • Safe for people, animals and ecosystems, GMO-FREE
  • Can be sprayed prior to planting
  • Not systemic, better for pollinators