Building Habitats--Success Stories

Improving the health of pollinator habitats is one of the sustainable principles of EcoBlend. 

HOMS has demonstrated with the planting of pollinator gardens, that within three days of using EcoBlend, enough organic compost is provided for the garden to flourish without additional soil amendments. Pollinators abounded in one week with the introduction of a beneficial pollinator landscape, which quickly replaced unwanted vegetation.

Please see below, one of our pollinator habitat success stories, Pollinator Place at the End of Lorax Lane.


EcoBlend provides effective, natural solutions that work WITH NATURE to achieve sustainable measures & principles in a CHANGING WORLD.

EcoBlend provides solutions that help to achieve the following principles and measures, all of which are important when building a healthy wildlife habitat. 

The following video will provide more insight into how EcoBlend helps to achieve these sustainable principles.


EcoBlend V4-HD from HOMS on Vimeo.