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EcoBlend Product Line

EcoBlend is a full line of sustainable vegetation management products that quickly break down unwanted vegetation into organic matter and add nutrients to the soil. The active ingredient is organic & GMO-free vegetable oil that has been sourced largely from farms in the southeastern United States. The patented fatty acid profile of the vegetable oils, made effective through the manufacturing process, controls and recycles weeds and unwanted vegetation with the efficacy of conventional products, but without systemic poisons. The formula is low volatility; it is not a flammable liquid. EcoBlend is the first and only OMRI listed organic and botanical based herbicide.


OMRI Listed Products

Product Labels


EcoBlend Pro Label: EcoBlend Weed Control PRO SDS: EcoBlend Weed Control PRO
EcoBlend Burndown Label: EcoBlend Weed & Grass Control Burndown SDS: EcoBlend Weed & Grass Control Burndown

EcoBlend Adjuvant

Label: EcoBlend Weatherproof Adjuvant/Penetrator SDS: EcoBlend Weatherproof Adjuvant/Penetrator

EcoShield Yard & Garden Insect Control

Label: EcoShield Botanical Insect Spray —For Yard, Farm & Livestock SDS: EcoShield Botanical Insect Spray  —For Yard, Farm & Livestock



 OMRI Certificates

EcoBlend Weed & Grass Control Burndown
EcoBlend Adjuvant
EcoShield Yard & Garden Insect Spray - For Yard, Garden & Crops
EcoShield Yard & Garden Insect Spray - For Livestock

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HOMS Distribution

The HOMS manufacturing and distribution facility is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA. It has the capacity to produce a MILLION gallons of liquid a year. We have an 8,000 gallon storage tank for bulk distribution.

HOMS has the capacity to fill containers larger than 270 gallons and can accommodate and fill tanker trucks with an overhead arm or bottom feeding system. Depending on size of order, tanker truck delivery is an option within a 100 mile radius. There may be a delivery fee depending on size of order.

Located in an eco-industrial park, centrally located near RTP, NC and within proximity to well-paved highways and Interstate 40, the HOMS distribution facility makes it convenient for businesses and distributors to load product directly and get back on the road in no time.


 HOMS Distribution Facility