Safety for Ecosystems & Pollinators

The active ingredient in all EcoBlend products, including the Adjuvant, is organic soybean oil. Soybean oils used are from crops that are organic or GMO-free and all natural.

EcoBlend formulas are better for pollinators because they do not contain toxic chemical compounds that are found in conventional products. Also, EcoBlend is not systemic and will not decimate a hive should residue be carried back, such is the case with many conventional insecticides. Pollinators have coexisted with these ingredients for thousands of years, unlike synthetic compounds which are new to them.

EcoBlend Weed & Grass Control is not expected to kill beneficial soil insects such as earthworms, beetles, nematodes, or microorganisms because it does not penetrate the soil. It is a vegetable based formula that stays on the surface of the area to which it is applied. Additionally, EcoBlend is biodegradable and does not absorb nor persist in the soil. It breaks down into beneficial organic matter as a fertilizer and food source, and is therefore beneficial to the ecosystem and the pollinator habitat.

Here is an article that talks about the properties and biodegration characteristics of vegetable oils.

The vegetable fatty acid content in EcoBlend is nutritional to animals and humans. It can only break down the structure of certain insects and plants. EcoBlend is safe for waterways. The residue is not expected to harm frogs or aquatic life. It is not systemic or toxic. The ingredients in EcoBlend formulas break down into free fatty acids and glycerin which are nutritious for beneficial microbes.

The Weatherproof Adjuvant/Penetrator is made from organic soybean oil or GMO-free canola oil sourced from farms in the Southeast. The process by which it is made is a natural process known as making biodiesel. It is not toxic and biodegradable. The formula quickly biodegrades and will not persist in the soil beyond a few days. When the product biodegrades, it breaks down into beneficial nutrients and fatty acids that feed soil microorganisms.  The Weatherproof Adjuvant/Penetrator could potentially kill beneficial soil insects such as earthworms, beetles, nematodes because of its ability to penetrate the soil. The formula is safe for use around areas that children and pets frequent.

More about the biodegradation of vegetable oils and methylated seed oil here.

For further information about biodegradability, environmental toxicity, soil nutrients & soil microbes, visit the Studies page.


General Safety

Ingredients in EcoBlend are approved for use on agricultural crops by the EPA. Ingredients are readily biodegradable and benign to the environment. Studies on the safety and biodegradability of individual ingredients are well established. Because EcoBlend uses food grade ingredients, the formulas are EPA exempt (edible/exempt). EPA exempt products are based on ingredients EPA has designated as safe.

HOMS BioUD insect repellent is made similarly to EcoBlend products and is registered with the EPA (registration number is 82669-2). It is approved by EPA as a Category IV biopesticide, which is the least toxic category. The product was approved with no restrictions. An EPA-Exempt natural-based formula, like EcoBlend, is exempt because there exists an overwhelming amount of historical evidence and scientific data that EPA has reviewed in deeming the formula safe.

For SDS & Labels please see the SDS & Labels link.

HOMS LLC welcomes questions regarding safety. The manufacturing facility is in Pittsboro, NC and accessible to landscapers and others upon an appointment request. Email to request an appointment.