General FAQs about application and dilution

Q: How do I use EcoBlend to kill weeds, but not grasses?

A: For selective vegetation control (to kill weeds, but not grass) with a broadcast spray application, it is best to use EcoBlend PRO with the Adjuvant/Penetrator. Use a 1:1 dilution of EcoBlend PRO with the Adjuvant. Regardless of whether using EcoBlend PRO with the Adjuvant or without, do not exceed a dilution of 20 oz per a gallon (not exceeding 15 oz per a gallon is preferred) when targeting weeds but not grasses.  A dilution of as low as 5 oz per a gallon may be used.

It is imperative to test a small area to achieve optimal dilution for desired results. For instance, if you choose to use 5 oz per a gallon, there likely will not be any damage to grasses, but elimination of certain weeds will require a greater strength. If you choose to use 20 oz per a gallon, there may be some damage to certain grasses, but this is typically temporary and the grasses will regenerate.

NOTE: It is better to reapply than to use too much product on the first application.

Q: How do I use EcoBlend to kill grasses?

To kill grasses, it is recommended to use the EcoBlend Nonselective Grass Killer at a dilution of 32 oz per a gallon or above. Difficult to kill grasses, such as bermuda and wiregrasses, may require 64 oz per a gallon or full strength.

NOTE: It is better to reapply than to use too much product on the first application.

Q: How do I use EcoBlend when spot spraying?

When spot spraying with EcoBlend, for total vegetation kill, it is recommended that you use 32 oz of product per a gallon or greater. If you want to selectively kill woody stem plants (brush) and broadleaf weeds but not grasses, see the dilution recommendations for selective vegetation control (above).

Q: How do I use EcoBlend Burndown?

The EcoBlend Burndown is mainly used on the home lawn and garden to kill weeds without killing grasses and also for maintenance of weeds around shrubs. It is also ideal for berry farmers and vineyards and for maintenance around organic food crops. It is OMRI Listed as a Botanical Vegetation Control product and can be used to suppress grass and weeds while preserving the harvestable crop without contaminating it. It is recommended that you use no less than 32 oz per a gallon (25% solution).

Q: Will temperatures affect the results of EcoBlend?

It is optimal to use EcoBlend just prior to full sunny days and when the temperature average is above 60. Most herbicides do not work optimally in colder temperatures. Extreme temperature ranges may diminish the results of EcoBlend. 


Q: Where can I purchase EcoBlend?

Bulk purchases may be made through this site. Contact sales@ecoblend.green or call 919-533-4752 if you have questions. 

Purchase EcoBlend locally at Country Farm and Home in Pittsboro, NC.

Purchase EcoBlend on our retail website: www.homs.com

Purchase EcoBlend from our national distributor: Seven Springs Farm


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