Additional FAQs

Q: How does EcoBlend work?

A: The vegetable fatty acid content in EcoBlend, which is nutritional to animals and humans, breaks down the structure of certain insects and plants.


Q: Will EcoBlend control weeds without killing grasses?

A: Yes, EcoBlend can be used to get rid of weeds without killing grasses. For selective vegetation control (to kill weeds, but not grass) with a broadcast spray application, it is best to use EcoBlend PRO with the Adjuvant/Penetrator. Use a 1:1 dilution of EcoBlend PRO with the Adjuvant. Regardless of whether using EcoBlend PRO with the Adjuvant or without, do not exceed a dilution of 20 oz per a gallon (not exceeding 15 oz per a gallon is preferred) when targeting weeds but not grasses.  A dilution of as low as 5 oz per a gallon may be used.


Q: I want to apply EcoBlend to weeds along the boundaries of my property, but my neighbor’s rhododendron bush is bordering the property and I don’t want to kill it. Is EcoBlend safe to spray near my neighbor’s rhododendron bush?

A: Using the EcoBlend Burndown version will not penetrate the soil to kill the roots, but it will kill only the plant tissue that it contacts. To prevent damage, avoid spraying on plants that you do not intend to control. The Burndown does not act systemic, and will not persist in the soil.


Q: Is EcoBlend safe for nearby creeks? Will EcoBlend hurt frogs and toads?

A:  EcoBlend is safe for creeks and other waterways. The residue is not expected to harm frogs or aquatic life. It is not systemic. It is not toxic and breaks plants into free fatty acids and glycerin which are nutritious for microbes.

Q: Will EcoBlend kill bees?

A: No, EcoBlend is not systemic and therefore does not harm the bee population.

EcoBlend does not contain the toxic chemical compounds found in conventional products. Many conventional insecticides are systemic and can be carried back to the beehive. Bees have been coexisting with the ingredients found in EcoBlend for thousands of years.

Q: Does EcoBlend work on Poison Ivy?

A: Yes, EcoBlend works on Poison Ivy. For control of smaller poison ivy plants, EcoBlend Weed and Grass Control at a dilution of 1:3 will work and for viney and larger infestations, a 1:1 dilution is recommended.

Q: Is EcoBlend approved for Organic Production?

A: The EcoBlend Burndown product is approved with regional organic certifiers such as QCS, Clemson, QAI, and Oregon Tilth.

 Q: Where can I buy EcoBlend?

A: EcoBlend is available locally at Country Farm and Home in Pittsboro, NC. It can be purchased at retail on and in bulk on this site. It is also carried by our national distributor, Seven Springs Farm.